Waste containers in San Sebastián use GomaVial technology

Waste containers in San Sebastián use GomaVial technology

The containers of San Sebastián are gradually incorporating new material to cover and reinforce their closings

If you live in San Sebastián (or spend a few days visiting the city) and you go to throw the rubbish out or recycle packaging then take a closer look, if you remember, at the closings of some of the containers. With containers for packaging, the mouth of the container is normally round; and in the containers for general refuse, the container has a lateral load (large cover and rubber closing).

Yes, the odds are that these containers make use of our material.

We have been collaborating with Traeco Medioambiental and for this reason some of their containers include GOMAVIAL strips in their closings. This is one of the applications that we create from used tires; rubber seals which are strengthened by textile fibre.

In the future we hope that many other applications will incorporate our tire strips. Because we deal with recycled materials, our prices are extremely competitive. In addition to this, we provide ecology (our products are one hundred percent constituted from reclaimed waste) and greater durability. Tires are specially constructed to be resistant and this quality can be seen in our closings. This means that they are much better at withstanding the passage of time and inclement weather conditions.

These rubber accessories for waste containers are now a reality thanks to the development of a unique technology - the only of its kind in the world - which breaks the tires down. We extract three layers from each tire. Each one of these has special characteristics which are used to manufacture different solutions.

The most important layer, which has been used in the production of all of our products up to the present, is the tire tread: the part that looks like the characteristic cartoon image of a tire. From this layer we obtain the material for soles for footwear, our TireFlops (have you still not bought yours yet?), belts, closings for containers and more

And we’re not ready to stop yet! We’ve been racking our brains in search of new ideas.

Have you hit on any?