For summer footwear: Jute midsoles created from recycled tires

For summer footwear: Jute midsoles created from recycled tires

Our unique tire treatment technology enables us to break down used tires, separating their different layers and, in this way, giving them a second life. Of all the layers obtained, the most important is the tire tread, which we use to create a wide variety of products. Focusing on footwear, at GOMAVIAL we have created soles which can be adapted to jute midsoles. These midsoles are ideal for creating espadrilles and summer shoes.

We have been working on two methods of adapting the tire sole perfectly to the jute.

gluing the tire sole to the jute material using adhesive glue. This is a manual, artisan technique. We take the tire tread that we have removed and stamp it out into the exact measurements required. Then, we use an extremely hard-wearing adhesive to glue this to the jute. This method retains the outline of the tire on the sole, lending the footwear a special, distinctive quality.

We also have the vulcanisation method. We stamp out the sole to the required measurements and vulcanise it together with the jute midsole. In this process we use natural rubber between the jute and the tire sole. Under heat and pressure, the natural rubber vulcanises, creating the join. This process is capable of maintaining both the outline of the tire, with a flat mould, and a personalised seal, with an engraved mould.

Both methods guarantee an excellent join between the jute midsole and the tire sole. These methods also conserve all of the characteristics of a tire: resistance and anti-skid protection among others.

which model best suits your needs You can choose between: straight, crossed and wedge.

At GOMAVIAL we have been testing the two joining methods to ensure that they are both of the highest quality, enabling us to create an optimum product.

The ZEL's brand has already come out in support of us and added our tire sole to their FABIOLAS NO-TRACE collection, which won a prize at the Madrid Design Awards for meeting the objectives and benefits of a “one hundred percent ecologically designed” product with a reduced environmental impact.

Would you like to help us to reuse as many tires as possible and reduce waste? Join our “Walking without a trace” philosophy and add our material to your footwear.