Research projects

Since the beginning of its activities, Gomavial has supported the development of research projects that enable it to create value through innovation.

These are some of the projects on which we have been present.

  1. Within the framework of the CDTI's Neotech programme, we collaborated in the development of the mechanised deconstruction process of the typre.


  2. We collaborated with ADIF in the development of a shock-absorbing system  in cargo railway lines at the Port of Huelva.


  3. Colaboración con Euskotren – ETS para el desarrollo de un sistema  de amortiguación en vías ferroviarias en Iurreta, Bizkaia. En la actualidad el proyecto  se encuentra en fase de  estudio y valoración de resultados.


  4. Between 2011 and 2015 we collaborated with Ik4 Gaiker and the University of Granada to develop shock-absorbing systems on railway lines.


  5. Collaboration with CDTI for the development of hard-wearing and durable yet lightweight vertical signs in aggressive environments.