High technical value products created from recycled tires.


Manufacturing products of high technical value.

Gomavial is a company dedicated to the manufacture of high technical value products created from recycled tires, working with the entire production process from the recovery of the tire to the obtaining of the end product.

Highly committed to sustainable development and the environment, at Gomavial our aim is to prolong the working life of discarded tires by developing products which have a high technical value thanks to their mechanical and physical properties.

We are pioneers in the research and development of products created from reclaimed tires without using crushing or grinding techniques.


  1. Founding of Gomavial S.L.

  2. Agreement with La Fundación Michelín foundation for the implementation and development of economic activity.

    Granting of two international patents for the design and manufacture of the tire deconstruction machines.

  3. Development of the GVS© deconstruction technology.

  4. Mechanisation of the GVS© deconstruction process

  5. Development of the TRBT© Bullet Trap: System for shooting galleries.

  6. Development of our own technology for the manufacture of finished products using technical rubber compounds.