TireSoul Belt; belts made from recycled tires

TireSoul Belt; belts made from recycled tires

With the New Year, Gomavial is adding belts to its range of products. This is yet another way of giving a second life to tires.

As with all of the products, these belts are created using the tire tread which is extracted from tires which are no longer being used. This material provides the belt with high quality and resistance.  In addition to their minimalist designs, these are everyday accessories that will form part  of your daily life.

We have two models:

TireSoul Belt; belts made from recycled tires

TireSoul Belt: This model reflects the Gomavial philosophy. It is made from 100% authentic tire tread and retains the textile part in its interior.

TireSoul Belt; belts made from recycled tires

TireSoul Belt Leather: This model has the same features as the previous model, with only one difference. The interior part of the belt is covered in leather. This provides a smart finish.

We provide a range of sizes (from 95 to 105) to suit you and provide you with a good level of support and comfort.

You can buy them from our online store.

At GOMAVIAL we take pride in participating in the manufacture of new products using materials from reused tires. Our unique technology enables us to break down used tires into different layers without harming the environment. We use the outermost layer, known as the tire tread, to create soles for shoes, sandals, protective rubber gauntlets for Crossfit machines and many other useful applications.

We still have so much to discover with this material and we are open to listening to different suggestions.
If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.