Laser-engraving technology for personalising our products

Laser-engraving technology for personalising our products

This technique enables us to print the name or logo of a client on any of our applications

At GOMAVIAL we are committed to creativity and innovation. We are constantly racking our brains in search of new challenges. The latest challenge: the use of an extremely precise laser engraving technology which enables us to personalise all of our products, printing the logo of our clients, or our own logo. The groove can be deep or shallow, and it can be extremely minutely adjusted.

We are currently using this technique to print the name of our brand on our TIREFLOPS, the sandals that we have forged ahead with on the crowdfunding platform (group internet finance). But our aim is to go much further.

This burn technology allows us to carve anything we want into a wide variety of materials, such as EVA foam (one of the components of TIREFLOPS) or rubber (the material from which our shoe soles are made, among other applications), This means that we will lend consistency to our creations or those of our clients, which has an important effect in terms of relevance, marketing and so on.

We realised, for example, that we could print ”Recycled Tires, By Gomavial” in the  accessories that we create for waste containers (RSU) or even the name of our client. And in short runs you can carve a serial number, a logo and more. The possibilities are endless!