High technical value products created from recycled tires.

Our process can be divided into two stages:

1st Stage: We break down the tire by extracting the tire treads.
2nd Stage: We use two methods to convert the tire treads into high technical value products: 

  • Using the tire treads as they are. 
  • Transforming the tire treads together with technical rubber compounds, for other final applications.


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1st Stage Regeneration of the used tire.

In the first stage, we use our patented GVS© deconstruction technology to transform the disposable tire into reusable tire strips.

We extract the exterior layer during the deconstruction process: this is the tire tread that is so familiar to all of us. Created from rubber, textiles and additives which improve its features, this layer has a high durability and mechanical resistance. 

The tire tread, internally known as TireSoul, is the part of the tire which is most easily identifiable, since this is this part that has the cartoon characteristics of a tire. The majority of our products are currently manufactured from this material.

Productive capacity: Regeneration of 200,000 tires per year.

2nd Stage Transformation of the tires into the finished products.

Once the reusable strips have been taken from the tires, we process them to create the so-called “finished products”.

The rubber material in itself is already extremely versatile and this means that it can be used for many different final applications. If we also consider the specific  characteristics of tires, we are faced with a material which is extraordinarily resistant to wear in addition to being highly flexible, allowing us to  manufacture products of an extremely high technical value.

Calzado a partir del reciclado de neumáticosCalzado a partir del reciclado de neumáticos