Bullet traps

Rubber is a component which is widely used in shooting galleries.

The versatility of these items means that they can be used as tiles to protect walls and to retain projectiles, regardless of the calibre used.

At Gomavial we have developed three products based on recycled tires.

Bullet trap curtain

This product is capable of retaining projectiles from calibre .22 to 9mm parabellum. It is suitable for shooting galleries.

The curtain bullet trap is entirely, 100% created from material from used tires. It is compatible with older curtain bullet trap systems. It can be perfectly adapted to suit the dimensions of the space.

It does not generate textile balls after intensive use, which reduces the risk of fire.

Thanks to its thickness, it does not trap the bullet. Instead, the bullet falls to the ground. This means that it is easy to separate projectiles, making their subsequent recovery easier. This reduced thickness does not diminish the detention properties, because the materials used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality and their durability is greater than that of other rubber sheet systems.

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TRBT bullet trap

The TRBT bullet trap system is a product that Gomavial has developed. It is capable of retaining bullets ranging from calibre .22 to calibre .50

The TRBT (tire rubber bullet trap) by GomaVial is made entirely of material from reclaimed tires. The granulometry is between 20 and 70mm.

Thanks to the precise granulometry, the bullet decants in the structure, enabling easy collection.

The system guarantees that in the area of maximum concentration and impact, the quantity of retaining material will remain constant with minimum maintenance required. The durability of the system is far greater due to its characteristics compared to other systems.

The system is designed for both open-air and covered shooting ranges.


Wall coverings

Vulcanised rubber compound measuring 500x500x50, Created for covering walls in short and long weapon shooting galleries.

Prevents impact on walls and redirects the bullet so that it impacts the bullet trap. The weight is 75% lower than granulated varieties and the properties are the same.

It has an air chamber which facilitates the collection of bullets.

They are easily replaceable.

Download the technical information sheet