Gomavial Solutions.

We have a new technology for recycling tires and give them new functions.
Flip Flops and shoe outsoles, galoshes, railway pads, …
A thousand ideas to exploit that we invite you to discover!




Due to our patents in Tire Deconstruction Technology, we have an exclusive prime quality rubber material reinforced with textile fibres that combines DESIGN, MECHANICAL PERFORMANCE AND RESISTANCE.


Not only we supply and distribute the material, but since we have our own technical team, we can undertake any product development and specification stages for the final application.


Young, dynamic and highly qualified team, seeking and accepting new challenges to transform potential waste into new products for industrial and domestic use, thanks to personal motivation and the experience gained after five years of hard work.

We deconstruct the tire through our own patented process which maximise the technology enclosed in it.


What we do

We obtained the tire’s layers respecting its structure to safeguard all its mechanical properties in order to re-use them in new applications. This increases the added value of products that can be manufactured from these materials.


These bands are made of high quality rubber and a nylon textile layer that reinforces the band for extra strength. However, we can eliminate the textile layer and offer 100% rubber, free of nylon and other fibres.

We are always actively looking for new sectors where the use of these materials. We have developed or incorporated a range of parallel technologies that allow us to transform the tire tread into products as different as an outsole, a belt, a backstop or a silent block.

But most importantly, we ACCEPT your challenge of developing a product from our material that suits your needs.

How we do it

We base our company on three pillars.


Our differentiating process, the tire deconstruction, has been a 3 year developing challenge and we are continuously improving and adapting to our client’s different needs.

The fact that we work with a new material has pushed us to develop and adapt other sectors’ technology to transform the tread (HG material) in formats with the right technical qualities for our clients’ needs, either to substitute their current product or to expand their range.

Beyond this, our business model and our industrial implementation of operations is totally new in the tire recycling sector. We work with the existing agents in the chain as our idea is to improve the existing model.


Our innovative raw material presents a huge challenge: to make the market aware of it. Our potential clients know nothing or very little of it. We actively look in those sectors where we believe our material and product can mean a huge technological or conceptual change and high added value.

We have set ourselves very ambitious goals and we face daily challenges raised by clients or internally by, for example, process optimising.


We are a young, dynamic and highly motivated team that has proven so far that all challenges come with an answer and a solution. Our team members are highly qualified. They have an extensive professional background and each and every one of them is deeply involved and wanting more.